Saturday, December 09, 2006


Now that winter is setting in, here are a few shots of fall from the open road. Look for the mudskipper in the water...

Friday, December 08, 2006

These days I am running one appendix lighter. It was not all that theatrical, except when they had forgotten if I wanted to splurge for pain killers, which are not covered by my health insurance. So the doctors woke me up “au natural” and I was trying to tell them that I didn’t need any pain killers since immense pain like that would surely pass :). Anyway I broke down and splashed out for the good stuff and walked around the hospital like a muppets' moble hanging garden., swinging all types and sizes of I.V. bottles off my little spire on wheels.

I wandered around waiting to "pass gass" in order to get some food. It was really like a bizarre trick-or-treat. All the nurses would come around and ask, "How are you feeling? Did you fart?...No, well no food for you then:(". Really, of all the people who need encouragement to enjoy a bit of flatulence...I am the last one.

I checked out early since the guy beside me was a bus driver who had the living tar beat out him in the dead of night by a drunk. They played the story on the news quite a bit since the busses have a lot of survalence and offered some fantastic grainy black and white footage of the event. Troops of bus divers (probably not known for their civility), would come in and holler all types of swear works and act like idiots. I childishly told the nurses that I was getting up on my motorcycle and heading home…I forsook my chances at any lolly-pop with that maneuver since the ladies at the nurses’ station were less than impressed.

Then I had a trip to Seoul for documents.