Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So, Danger and I ended up in Melbourne while she studies a masters' degree and I teach English in a high school near here. It was a real challenge getting a working visa at my ripe age, but I did get 'er done. My sister said that she figured that once someone goes to Australia, they never go back but I figure that the prospects of a long, long stay in Australia are like a lava lamp: amusing but not very bright :)

I was booted out of Australia in order to comply with a tourist visa. I took the cheapest flight outta here, and ended up in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was worried that there would be no church, and have the name just be a big bummer....but there were plenty churches, and big chess in the square. I headed to a bunch of mountains a few hours to the north, originally lured by the possibility of bungee jumping and nutty jet boats...both were a bit lame and too I just started walking around in the moutains and spent the better part of two days there....the top was the most wind I ever felt while standing still...I literally had to hold onto a big rock to keep my footing. On the way back into town, there is a cliff, aptly named "Frog Rock".