Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here is Danger's rendition of a commercial advertising a Toyota with 200KiloWatts of power (for some reason, they measure engine power in Kw rather than horses) You can see the original on youtube here:

Here is another favorite ad from Oz.

I was a big fan of that ad-especially the guy who staples himself to the gazeebo.

Once we got to the beaches, Danger was a lot happier. We did a tour of the main island of Lankawi, and once realizing that there are some really expensive resorts there, we snuck into a whole lot of jazzy places for a peek even though we couldn't even afford to eat at the joints. Then a little snorkeling (since the flight was that night there was no one for SCUBA) Even though no one heard of it before, KiNam managed to land a parasail, off the back of a boat, into a tree. The guys running the boats and sail were pretty impressed...I mean I don't understand what they were shouting, but they were doing a lot of it at KiNam after she did that fancy landing ;)_ and then like we had never left, back in the, back in the, back in the U.S-S.Korea. If we could find an adaptor for the charger for my camer we could take a bloody picture and show you. Anyway, it looks all the same here except that there is a massive hole in the middle of what has become MY hometown.

In my usual fashion, and much to Danger's regret, we went to Malaysia with out any plan other than we had a connecting flight in 5 days. We found a place to stay each night and we had a ball in the city, I don't know what all the fuss was about;; :)

....the last days in Oz.

Here we are taking the last few sips of our home away from home, away from home in South Yarra.

Just because The Sweede was in the middle of South Korea, in the middle of getting married, that didn't stop, Danger, Softy and I from camping out at his aparment and its awsome view of the Melbourne F1 track. The race was a bit dull as most of the cars crashed but as you can see from the pics here, the local grid girls were quite fit;)

More from Wilson's Promenade

Then, then, then. KiNam and I decided that for the last Hurraugh for the camping season we would go balls to the wall and hit Wilson's Prom. I wanted to go to the most rugged places, but we decided that it would be be better to risk our safety only a little as we went to the nicest places the little penninula has to offer.

This is my favorite place to go camping.

In an excercise to determine how many people you can fit into a one bedroom apartment, Danger's sisters and brother came for a visit. It was pretty good fun. We did make a trip to Sydney, but the camera got drowned in a trip to the beach so we don't have any pictures of that.

After a good nights sleep, a few good swims (short onse since the ocean is so cold there, even in summer) and a few cheeky possums' visits in the night, we went to Hobart for New Year's then back to ol' Melbourne.

We headed out as most people went back to work. We ended up at Humbug point (where there were a lot of ciccadias) and then further south to Friendly Beach where we met Caroline and Glen. After that Caroline and Glen dropped us at Coles bay and we treked into wineglass bay for the night.