Thursday, May 16, 2019

Now that the big kid is in after-school programs, he has a lot of varied interests and materials to match.  He is part of an advance Lego class, as well as a robot class.  The teachers sent home the kits for the Lego and the robot.  When the Lego stuff came home, the big kid wanted to play with it.  Although I didn't like the idea, I let him.  We locked him in the master bedroom where he could build without being hassled by the toddler.  Once he was finished, he was proud of what he accomplished, and came out to show u=\ \n \ what he managed to do all on his own.  There was tiny, probably important, bits of Lego all over the room, and the toddler wanted to play with (ie break) the remote control truck that the big kid built.  This went on for a few days, until I packed it all up and put it where no one can reach

Monday, February 11, 2019

Tentsile meets SeeSaw

Liam and I left Owen and Danger at home and went off to Muju for some winter camping.  Liam and I had to take a bus up to Derek's place.  We were quite chatty on the bus, trying to figure out where to get off the bus.  We had an enormous pack and the only seats available were in the very back.  We managed to ring the bell and get off at just the right spot.  Then we squeezed into Derek's car and drove up.

We set up two tents and went to sleep pretty quickly, since it was a rather late arrival.  The temperature was dropping quite a bit, so we really dug in.  When I stepped out of the tent in the morning, it was quite cold...probably minus 5-10, but it felt quite cold compared to our usual Busan weather.

Of course you carry on, because what else is there to do? The water was all frozen, but there was one under the table that was still liquid.  I told Derek as much and picked it up and triumphantly shook it.  He was complaining while I did it, telling me not to do it.  I was confused until I took a look at the bottle, it very quickly before our eyes, turned to ice.  "I've never seen that before," I said.
     "I have," said Derek, "and now we only have ice, no water."
To top it off, the butane was too cold to cook properly, and we were in a site that had "No Fires" signs all over the place.  Eventually, we compromised, and the manager of the camp site brought us an old oil drum that we could stand around like a bunch of winos.  It was some welcome warmth.

Then the tree climbers showed up, and started expertly sussing out the trees and throwing lead lines up into the trees.  While they put climbing ropes in the tree tops, and cut away troubling branches, Derek and I set up three more tents for the climbers to sleep in. Once everything was set up, we all got a lesson in how to climb up a vertical rope using a Blake brake and Prujick brake.  I was mostly surprised that although those harnesses look comfortable, the are NOT :)  Once I sat in the harness, it was painful and hard to breathe.  I guess that is the trade off of not having to worry about plummeting to your death.

After dark, we all got together and each group had brought enough food for everyone, but we cooked it all and had a small party.  It was nice to meet new people.

The following morning was equally cold, but looked like it might warm up...and it did, but was still cold.  We got a late start, and got to climbing in order to take photos by about 1pm.  We were packed out and driving at about 5:30.  Luckily Derek was kind enough to re-route and drop Liam and I in our parking lot.  We were both exhausted but also exhilarated.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Screen Baseball

After our buddy got back from his trip in Africa, we wanted to meet up.  I thought that the baseball thing was his idea, but it was really another friend's idea.  We ended up with a goat rodeo on the local phone chat, but in the end we all met up at a pub, then wandered over to the baseball place.

The kids liked it well enough and we all were pretty excited about it.  Any time something happened in our game, it was like a real sport with everyone getting pretty excited and cheering.  I said it then, and I repeat it now; "It beats the shit out of screen golf."

We wanted another go, but the place was booked out.  So we split up and 4 of us went to the local bar to see an old friend who had his birthday in full swing.  I met a bunch of local people that I haven't seen for a long time, since I don't get out to the bar too often...but I like it that way.  I tried a shot called Bazooka Joe, remembering the gum, and it was pretty fun.  It was like candy.  I also stuck with the ale for the night.

Today, I met one of the guys to see Glass.  I was pretty impressed with what M. Night Shayamalan was able to not only think up, but to produce, film and bring through post.  I was pretty happy to get away from the chaos of the boys and the preoccupation of Danger.  We got bad intel. on the restaurant, but ended up at an interesting Japanese Ramen place.  Also, since the Blue Jays signed a Korean guy, they are selling Blue Jays hats for a good price.  I got one....again.  I think in my life I have owned and lost about 5 jays hats over the years.  Time for another go.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Turkeys and Toast

I am out at the local hill, teaching the oldest one to get ready for alpine ski racing.  It's something I enjoyed as a kid and what else am I going to pass on to him?  Soccer is cheap; I'm shit at soccer.  Alpine skiing is expensive, but it's what I'm good at, and what makes me happy.  I decided that since the missus is pulling in that second income that was missing while she raised the littlest one, I can forget extra classes in the winter holiday and start family classes of what has already become an edict, "No stright-liing - if you want to go fast get on those rails!" (It makes sense if you're a skier).

The hill that lets us get to the hill and back in time for afternoon obligations is close, but not a minimal hill.  so the young people who have come up there with no park, and elitism in racing (those douche-bags...but what alpine racer at a public hill isn't a douche?), the only option is either carving trenches in the black runs, or butters on a snowboard on the blues all day long.

There is even a local fashion.  A wild racing board, but with extreme angles with free-ride bindings and boots for the black and blue runs.  And, I shit you not, Adidas track pants and skinny alpine ski pants for the serious snowboard butterer.   The amplitude is not too impressive, but I suspect that these guys who get dropped off by their moms in the morning, and spend 7 hours doing, they are gong to get the flick in, and get some height.

Anyway, my winter is slamming around a hill with some decent pitches that aren't long enough to get to speed while turning.  You can pole for the life of you and straight it, and get to speed, but then you're carving into the transition.  The face itself is short.  So perfect for the little guy (6-years old) to learn how to run rails on the face of a windy, icy face.  I must admit that I feel like I am at work, as he gets faster, I say "Give 'Er" a lot, since I want the skiing to get up to speed,  Why did we even buy good equipment and a good helmet for anyway, right?

The whole reason for the title of Turkeys and Toast, is that the local kid, dropped in the morning and picked in the evening has only two options: butter, or carve.  So the nick-name, butter your toast or carve your turkey --> Turkeys and Toast.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Some nice views, starting with a dash to shore as a pending lightning storm promised to electrify our canoe ride.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canada-nice, nice :)

Some nice views, starting with a dash to shore as a pending lightning storm promised to electrify our canoe ride.

Skiing Davis Lake Ski Club

Canadian pals

The killer cat and lilly pads

Since it is summer and we are in a citty that boasts 4-5 beaches inside the city, we hit the beach early and often :)

Summer is arriving. A G.D. 1000 piece puzzle, weddings, the new Cola Beach and friends visit the Busan pad.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kites are good for you. If you don't think that it is fun to chuck a kite into the sky once in a while, you need to sit down and evaluate what you do think is important. I'm not saying that if you don't like kites, you're a whacko, but you are probably in the running :)

Between installing a new starter motor and a bunch of drunk ladies trying to make soap and lotion on my kitchen floor, the motorcycle touring season has begun. Looking like a great season to come!

I met Benny as he wandered his way into Korea. We also managed to meet Goner near his work and Greg made it up to Seoul. It was a healthy lunch during a long attempt to visit every bar, singing room and pool hall in the capital.